Last night I rewrote yesterday’s post.  The intent was to share it. With the someone new. Who is not really new. Rather an old friend. One of my oldest in fact. 

I have been told that friends make the best lovers. I have yet to find out. I worry that I am not ready to find out. But it is time to find out. I want to find out. I think that is a good sign. 

If I Lay Here 

If I lay here…

The world will continue without me. The sun will rise. The sun will set. The rain will fall. The leaves will change. Fall will turn to winter.

If I lay here…

I live with no regret. I let go of the past. I let things be.
If I lay here…
I can feel my breath. I can feel it filling my lungs. I can feel my heart beating. Steady and strong. 
If I lay here…
I think about what I want. I take a leap of faith. There is no turning back. Only moving forward. It feels right. 
If I lay here..
Me. I finally get to think about me. 
If I lay here…
I feel a dance. Between us. One step towards each other. One step away. Patience. Nervousness. Uncertainty. Words unspoken. Right under the surface. 
If I lay here…
Hand to hand. I yearn to be touched. I want to be held. I want to feel protected. I want to feel your skin on mine.  
If I lay here…
Do you know that I want you to lay here with me?
If I lay here…
I make no promises. 
If I lay here…
I will be honest. 
If I lay here…
I see that this is exactly where I am supposed to be.   
If I lay here…
Will you lie with me and just forget about the world. 


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