Life is great.

It truly is.

I have two great kids. I love and support them  with all that I have. I try to be their constant. I am honest with them. I tell them that they were born from love.

I have a job interview tomorrow. A low paying, temporary position that will help me get my feet back into the working world. If I get the job, it will not hinder my divorce negotiations. If I get the job it will continue to prove that my “demands” are not unreasonable. If I do not get the job, it will further demonstrate that his “demands” are unreasonable. Ultimately, the job seems perfect for me.

I have friends in abundance. Who love and support me with all that they have.

I have a budding romance. With a man I have known for more than half of my life. A man who has known me as long as my best friend. A man who is kind, loving and supportive. A man who helps me remember that I am not just a mom or ex-wife, but a desirable, strong and capable woman. A man who listens and remembers what I have to say.

The crossroad.

Sharing with the world how well I am doing. How happy I am.

Or not.

Choosing between being a victim or moving on with my life.

With hesitation I will choose to move on. Hesitation because I feel that moving on means I condone what he did. The lies. The cheating. The fiscal irresponsibility.

I do not condone it. Not the lies. Not the cheating. Not the abandoning of his family. But I would never go back to it. It had to happen to bring me to this place in my life. I will let it be.

Life truly is great. I am the lucky one.


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