For now at least.

I think, again, I am all cried out.

For now at least.

I am not done healing.  Deep down I probably knew that.  But the last two months have been very good.  I almost forgot how sad I had been.  I have had the odd low day, low moment.  Overall though, things have been good.  But I am not done healing.

Through the tears and tears and tears of the last week, ten days, I swing from reason to reason to reason of why I can’t seem to stop crying.  Of why I am so anxious.  So many reasons.  Too many reasons.  I think it all circles back to my divorce.  Being abandoned.  Being lied to.  Having lost my voice.

And it has been one year since I started suspecting the ex was having an affair.  It has almost been one year since he walked out.  It is going to be a tough, long couple of months.

A friend told me an interesting analogy the other day.  One of a cocoon and a butterfly.  She said, “How do you think the butterfly feels as it is trying to break free of the cocoon?”




4 thoughts on “No More Tears

  1. You may not have got there yet, but there comes a moment when you suddenly realise that you have the rest of your life ahead of you, and that it is a fresh white canvas for you to paint any way that you wish. You are now free to choose the colours and depict the scene you want. That is when you feel like throwing your head back and laughing with pure pleasure.

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