Me Neither

So you know when you meet a guy, and he seems perfect?

And when you “meet” him, (I use quotations to indicated the meeting might or might not have happened on a dating website), he tells you about how he is running a marathon?  And it happens to be the same race, in the same city where you are doing your half marathon?

And then you find out that he will be staying in the same hotel as you?

And you continue to text?  And you learn that not only are you both runners, but he also likes to cycle, and do yoga?

And when you decide to meet in person, your first date you go for a run?  And it is a great first date?

And you go to hot yoga together every week?

And you enjoy each other’s company?

And you are very attracted to each other?  In fact you have never felt sexier?

And you continue to train together for your races?  You spend as much of your free time together (which isn’t very much considering you have sole custody of your kids)?

And then you discover that he might be a little bit insecure?

And you learn that maybe he wasn’t happy before you came into his life?  And there is an expectation that you are the one who will make him happy?  That his happiness is being held, or not held, in your hands?

And that what you have to offer by way of time, is not quite enough?

And despite almost breaking up, once or twice, you decide to book a vacation with him?  And then a couple of more almost break ups?

And then finally, the Saturday before you were going to go on vacation (three days prior to departure) he decides that he can’t wait any longer?  That he wants more than you have to offer?  That he thought he could be patient but he has decided he can’t?

And so you break up, and the vacation gets canceled?

Ya, me neither.